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How To Naturally Chelate and Detoxify Heavy Metals

In recent years, the amount of metals in our food, air and water have increased exponentially, requiring a bit of strategizing to help mitigate our exposure to these compounds.

In order to remove heavy metals effectively from the body you will want to bind them to a strong chelating agent and excrete them safely out of the body without reallocating them to other organs. If you are undergoing any type of cleanse consider adding the foods on this list below as well as exposing your body to heat (an infra-red sauna is ideal) to open up the various channels of elimination and excrete the compounds being freed-up from the tissues.

Below is my go-to list of foods and supplements that contain naturally occurring chelating agents to effectively stay abreast of the environmental toxins we’re exposed to:


Garlic can be eaten raw or taken in capsules and has been shown to effectively protect against the damaging effects of heavy metals and help with their excretion.

In a study where rats were given garlic at the same time as cadmium and mercury, accumulation of the heavy metals in the liver, kidneys, bone and testes decreased and the activity of key enzymes was partially restored. In addition, cadmium excretion increased.


Chlorella is my food of choice at home and when I travel. It detoxifies the bowels and body. Not only is Chlorella a great chelating agent but also an important food that supplies bio-available protein, chlorophyll, and vital phytonutrients.

I use Sun Chlorella @


Using cilantro is one of my favorite ways to chelate heavy metals. I will often make salads with 2 bushels of cilantro and use this as a base instead of lettuce. Cilantro is particularly effective in the removal of mercury. When eating a lot of cilantro I also take activated charcoal or recommend using a form of bentonite clay in order to prevent any metals from being re-deposited in the colon.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal will bind with mercury and lead through a process called ‘cation exchange’. However this is only effective if the heavy metals are in the digestive tract. When undergoing a cleanse that mobilizes the heavy metals out of the tissues taking charcoal can be an effective measure to escort these compounds out of the body through the digestive tract.


A favorite article on this subject:

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