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Why Cleanse?

A women’s body is hormonally sensitive and in this modern world she is more commonly exposed to endocrine disruptors, heavy metals and man-made chemicals in the cosmetics and environment she is exposed to. This forces her to adapt to an environment requiring constant house cleaning, making the pathways of detoxification an area that needs to be closely listened to day-in-and-day-out. 

Due to the constant assault of environmental pollutants it’s not uncommon for the lymph to back-up and congest, triggering inflammation and cellulite in the thighs, hips and belly. Keeping our lymphatic system flowing optimally not only makes the skin appear smooth and less aged, but can also protect your body from degenerative diseases.

An over-burdened lymphatic system can manifest in a wide range of conditions including weight gain, fatigue, allergies, and more rapid aging. Considering that every time we eat, it takes an average of 18 hours for our bodies to be able to eliminate that meal, even those of us who keep clean diets and don’t overindulge would benefit from giving our digestive tract a break from time to time.

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A green juice fast is an excellent way to give the body a good clean respite whilst also keeping yourself energized and nutritionally satisfied. Raw vegetable juice provides potent phytonutrients that are readily assimilated into the bloodstream that energize the cells. This “green water” in fact is molecularly structured in such a way that it’s perfectly absorbed by our cells.</p><p>By fasting we are freeing-up energy to help the body do the deeper house-cleaning, healing and nurturing it requires for optimal health. Think of a cleanse as the finest tune-up you can give yourself.

During a fast you expel excess buildup. Since you have less obstruction on a cellular level, the body becomes more resilient, efficient, and the absorbability of the food you eat increases. Which means that after a juice fast you require less food for the same nutrient value. Fasting will also accelerate autophagy and nutritional ketosis, which we will discuss in upcoming blog posts.

Drinking enough juice during a fast is important in order to keep your metabolism going. It is also a more efficient way in order to maintain your results weeks and months after you complete your fast.

The Body’s Detoxification Channels

Gastrointestinal: the liver, gallbladder, colon, and the entire GI tract.
Urinary: the kidneys and bladder.
Respiratory: lungs.
Skin: sweat glands.
Lymphatic system: lymph nodes and lymph fluid that washes your entire body.

The most important component in a fast is detoxification.
For this you want to open all the channels of elimination.

During A Fast

  • Drink plenty of liquids (green juice, herb teas, pure water (but not from soft plastic bottles).
  • Get plenty of rest when needed.
  • Whenever possible expose your skin to early morning and evening rays.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes giving loving presence and kindness to your body in any which way feels appropriate to you.
  • Ground: Charge your body with negative ions by walking barefoot outside, walking on the beach, taking-in light and fresh air.
  • Take: Metabolic Enzymes, Natural Vitamin C (in the form of camu camu for example), E-3Live, phytoplankton or chlorella, and any adaptogenic mushroom liquid formula you feel drawn to. (Reishi is always a good idea).
  • Eliminate waste each morning by doing coffee enemas at least every other day if not daily.
  • Take probiotics every day.
  • Dry skin brush
  • Get the toxins out with infra-red saunas, cryo-therapy, pranayama or any other form of deep breathing of your choice.
  • A lymphatic massage is optional but recommended.
  • Use the Olio Maestro System if you’re looking to lose weight.
  • Also fast from negative media, negative relationships, energetically draining situations, etc. 
  • Be very aware of your inner and outer space. Attune to the rhythms of nature, go to bed early, read books that inspire you, listen to music that moves you, journal and dream…

The Most Important Component of a Fast is Coming off the Fast!

  • Don't overeat!
  • Don’t overeat! (yes, I said it twice).
  • I recommend intermittent fasting a few days following your fast. 
  • Take several days to transition back to eating. If the cleanse is under 7 days, then 2-3 days is sufficient. If it’s over 10 days, then add 1 day for every 4 days of the fast.
  • Chew your food slowly and extremely well.
  • Take it slow. Avoid sugar for as long as possible.
  • It is helpful to break the fast between 7-9AM as this is the time the powers of digestion are strongest. 
  • Break the fast with your favorite fruit or vegetable (raw if possible).
  • Eat smaller mono meals for the first 2 days.
  • Eat food that has fiber i.e. vegetables like celery.
  • Be present, make a connection to your food and it is incredibly helpful to prepare the food yourself in order to stay on track.
  • Strategize: Plan the week coming off your fast ahead of time. Avoid social gatherings for the first 5 days after the fast if possible.
  • Eat a robust quantity of green foods for as long as you can.
  • Drink plenty of water and drink ginger tea to further stimulate digestion.
  • Avoid table salt and anything that might contain MSG as this will throw you off your cleanse.
  • Avoid eating at restaurants that contain foods with MSG for the first 10-days off your fast.
  • Avoid soy and corn and flours.
  • Eat strictly organic. 
  • Listen to your body with more care. Is it hungry? What is it hungry for? What colors, smells, and flavors does it feel attracted to? Follow your senses like a wild undomesticated animal. 
  • Speak to your body and make eating an act of reverence.
  • Limit your liquid intake during meals.
  • Continue to alkalize the body and make green juices a regular part of your life.
  • Additionally consider taking: digestive enzymes with meals, digestive bitters before meals, the Ayurvedic herb “Triphala” to stimulate peristalsis for the first 10 day’s off the fast, and probiotics before bedtime. 
  • Continue with 1-2 more coffee enemas the week following your fast.

Please remember: your body will not be the same as when you started the cleanse. What used to sit well prior to fasting may not sit well now. Your taste buds will have changed, your sense of smell enhanced, and it will be obvious that processed foods, hydrogenated oils, and chemical compounds will have an immediate effect on your organism. Breaking a fast is the most significant, and perhaps the most challenging part of a cleanse. The effects of a fast can be compromised if the fast is not broken with discipline and care.

Breaking a fast is the most significant, and perhaps the most challenging part of a cleanse. The effects of a fast can be compromised if the fast is not broken with discipline and care. 

Keep in mind: In this environmentally compromised ecosystem our ability to detoxify and eliminate waste efficiently determines how well we age, how good we look, and how well we feel in our skin.

We will be undertaking a cleanse journey with the OM community in 2019 and I look forward to working with you personally should you chose to join.

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