Man-made chemicals love to hide out in fat. Keeping the lymph flowing efficiently gives us the wellness and beauty results we are after: fat burn, smoother looking skin, reduced inflammation, weight-loss, and an overall glow and lightness.

Our body detox is made for the modern woman. A year-round solution that enables detoxification without having to put your life on hold.

Body Detox

How to Detox the Lymphatic System Using The Olio Maestro Body Detox

The lymphatic system is responsible for:

  • Transporting fats from the digestive system
  • Neutralizing and removing waste from the body
  • Preventing edema (fluid-retention)

But here’s the kicker, unlike the cardiovascular system it doesn’t have a pump to make it move and flow. The flow of your lymphatic fluids depends solely on you. If you have a sedentary lifestyle (or simply live in the modern environment), chances are your lymphatic system can get backed up at times and needs a good clean up.

To stimulate lymph it’s especially important that we get regular physical movement and that we support and detox our system through the use of botanical oils.

Here’s where we come in. The Body Detox oil provides what your body needs to achieve easier weight loss, to amplify lymphatic flow, to carry away excess toxicity, and to stimulate your natural fat-burning mechanisms.

So, those stubborn 10 pounds you can’t seem to shake? Here's the solution for that.


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Suction Cup

Maximize your results

The cupping tool increases the visible results of the Olio Maestro system by facilitating the release of fascial restrictions and helping smooth-out orange-peel skin. Massaging over the congested area improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage flushing away stagnant toxins and releasing the fat blocked beneath the skin that’s causing an irregular and lumpy surface.


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