Olio Maestro founder, Jasmine Hawken

Meet Jasmine

I was born in Italy to a family who has been in the skincare business for over fifty years. My deepest passions— botanicals and wellness—can be traced back to my childhood. My father loved the wild and took me everywhere. We went to the backwaters of the Paraná River, walked the deserted beaches of Sardegna, and slurped basil agua fresca after exploring the arroyos of Uruguay. There I learned to appreciate the healing and therapeutic properties that flowers, botanicals, and herbs can provide. At home, my mother (a self-taught chef and health enthusiast) taught me to cultivate herbs and make extracts for restorative and health-giving purposes.

To this day, my father produces healing collagen remedies sold medically and over-the-counter all across Europe. When I moved to America and landed in Venice Beach ten years ago, I began a nutritional consulting practice. Whether teachers, stars, or housewives, the number one question from my women clients was how to reduce fat deposits and cellulite that were starting to accumulate on their thighs. I heard this question many times but there was nothing I could recommend. So I began to make body oils for my clients, remedies infused with the potent pharmacopeia I had learned over the years. They loved them and wanted more. Demand grew and I became known as the go to cleanse nutritionist in LA. However, I never made these formulas to sell… until now. Today, there are dozens of products on the market that claim to trim the silhouette and treat cellulite. If they were effective I would not be writing to you now. I can read the ingredients and know they are inadequate because they are laden with synthetic chemicals. The body thrives within nature and the extraordinary healing power of plants. My lifelong love affair with wild botanicals and herbs is now yours to enjoy in these products.

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