• Will the Olio Maestro™ Anti Cellulite oil take my cellulite away completely?

    No anti-cellulite product in the world can remove cellulite on its own, regardless of the marketing or hype around it.

    Having said that, the Olio Maestro™ system is the culmination of years of experience with hundreds of clients and well-documented research into the plant queendom. The potent synergy of active botanicals provides you with the cleanest, most potent and concentrated contouring silhouette program for maximum results to release the weight naturally.

    Following a clean lifestyle, moving the body and lymph regularly, drinking enough structured water, eating a clean diet, and wearing clothing that isn’t too tight… are just some of the lifestyle habits that will contribute to achieving your goals.

    Learn more about how to maximize your results on our blog.

  • What is the Suction Cup and do I have to use it?

    Using the Suction Cup as a massage tool helps reduce cellulite in 3 important ways:

    1. It helps stretch and relax the hardened connective tissue beneath the skin, increasing elasticity and helping reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite.
    2. It rejuvenates the skin and underlying tissues.
    3. By rolling and suctioning different parts of the body you restore circulation and the flow of nutrients to problem zones and mobilize stagnant lymph that help to drain and decrease inflammation to these areas.

    Be ready to do some work and be patient. Cellulite doesn’t just disappear overnight.

    Suction Cup safety tips: Use some common sense and follow some rules to avoid negative results of suction cupping. Use only on thighs, buttocks, hips, and legs. If you have any medical condition, consult your doctor prior applying any cupping treatment.

  • What if I’m pregnant or breast-feeding, can I still use your product?

    No, none of the products offered here on this site should be used in either case. Please wait until you completely finish breast-feeding before you use the Olio Maestro products.

  • How long do I have to wait after applying the oils to go in the sun?

    Some of the essential oils in the formulas contain ‘furanocoumarins’ making them photosensitive. To avoid photosensitization do not expose your skin to UV light for 12-18 hours after application.

  • How soon can I expect to see results?

    If you are doing the Olio Maestro™ system you can typically start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

  • I’m sensitive to caffeine; can I still use the Anti Cellulite oil at night?

    The green coffee bean extract used in the Anti Cellulite oil does contain some caffeine. Several studies have shown that caffeine can boost metabolism by up to 3-11%. However, the main active fat burning ingredient in this green coffee is ‘chlorogenic acid’.

    If you are sensitive to caffeine and wish to use the Anti Cellulite oil, we suggest you reverse the order in which you apply the oils. Use the Anti Cellulite oil in the morning and use the Body Sculptor oil at night.

  • The oils feel warm on my skin when I apply them. Is this normal?


    This is due to the thermogenic effect of certain active ingredients in the oils. Black pepper, for example, is an effective weight loss and metabolism enhancer and is an ingredient in the oil. By promoting thermogenesis your metabolic rate is increased.

  • Do you recommend a certain diet?

    We do not recommend diets. We do recommend changes in lifestyle.

    And we love Michael Pollan’s philosophy: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

    Please stay tuned for our cleansing protocols coming soon.


  • Is it normal to feel pain on my thighs when using the Suction Cup?

    Cellulite originates from fibrous connective cords that attach skin to underlying muscle, according to the Mayo Clinic. These cords connect skin to deeper structures, and a person’s fat lies in between and bulges up to show what we call orange-peel skin.

    Connective tissue and fat can sometimes hurt when massaged especially if you have visible dimpling. Use common sense and increase your massage time in stages.

  • Can I overdo it?

    Yes. Follow the directions indicated on the program. A change in lifestyle is recommended to get your best and lasting results. Cellulite did not happen overnight and will not disappear overnight. Olio Maestro takes you in the right direction in the right way.

    Please do not apply more than 18 pumps at any one time.

  • Will using more product intensify my results?

    The oils are already highly concentrated and you want to make sure they are safe for you. Please test them on your skin for any allergies or sensitivities. Changes in urine (smell, and color) may also occur and this is because you are eliminating toxins. If this happens increase your intake of water.

    To intensify results rather than applying more product you may opt to dry brush your skin prior to each oil application to increase the absorption of the oils.

    We recommend using no more than 4 pumps per area of the body:

    Left thigh and hips (4 pumps total)
    Right thigh and hips (4 pumps total)
    Buttocks (6-8 pumps total)
    Stomach + waist (2 pumps total)
    Upper arms (2 pumps total)

    Keep in mind that each oil bottle is made to last you 21 days (3 weeks), so if you intensity the treatment your bottle will last less time.

  • How long does each bottle last?

    The oils are already highly concentrated and you want to make sure they are safe for you. Please test them on your skin for any allergies or sensitivities. Changes in urine (smell, and color) may also occur and this is because you are eliminating toxins. If this happens increase your intake of water.

    One bottle lasts 6 weeks if applied daily, and 3 weeks if applied twice per day.

    The oils are highly concentrated. For maximum results we encourage you use the system daily for 6 weeks.

  • Do I need to buy both oils?

    No. Each oil functions well on its own. However, the synergy of botanical actives in each differs, so the results are amplified when applied as a system. The Body Sculptor targets primarily the lymphatic system for weight loss, lymph drainage, and water retention. The Anti Cellulite targets fat deposits, skin looseness, and collagen glycation (the sugar/protein bonding which causes your skin protein to become inflamed and stiff).

  • How do I make the most out of this program?

    For maximum results a healthy eating plan and breaking a sweat each day is recommended.

    Here are a few tips to add to your program that will go a long way in achieving the goals you have in mind:

    1. Move the body – it’s not just about going to the gym, or a spin class. The body is designed to move: walking, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, outdoor recreation, playing with your kids, all add movement to your life.
    2. As simple as this sounds deep breathing moves the lymph and can help potentiate your results. Try including a practice of pranayama, Wim Hoff method, or square breathing.
    3. Exfoliate the skin with a dry skin brush to effectively help the botanicals seep into the layers of the skin.
    4. Drink plenty of liquid: Two to three full cups of OM Infusion tea + 2 liters per day of water is an excellent way to expel toxins instead of them being re-deposited in your fat cells.
    5. Avoid crash diets and opt for gradual changes in lifestyle instead.
    6. Avoid inflammatory foods and drinks. This includes fruit juices that are laden with sugar.
    7. Intermittent fasting and cryo-therapy are can be very effective for enhancing results.

    For continued tips and tricks on how to maximize your effects sign-up to our newsletters and read the articles on our blog.

  • Can you guarantee results?

    Results vary from person to person and to comply with strict legal regulations, we make absolutely no claims and consequently we guarantee no results. Everyone’s body reacts differently to treatments. For some, results happen quickly and with little effort or change, for others it takes longer.

    However, our products speak for themselves. The Olio Maestro™ system is 100% potent, targeted and excipient-free. The well-researched botanicals act on different aspects of fat storage, cellulite, skin and connective tissue looseness, fibrosis, circulation, glycation, and inflammation in a pure and natural way alongside a healthy lifestyle.

  • Are the Olio Maestro™ oils safe?

    Yes. We only use natural active and functional ingredients and it is completely devoid of synthetic, artificial chemicals. Our ingredients have decades of safety data on them.

    Some people can have an allergic reaction to certain essential oils so we recommend you do a patch test before using. In case of irritation please discontinue use of these products.

    Some of the essential oils may interfere with your medication so seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before starting.

  • Can I use the Olio Maestro™ oils to enhance other treatments I am receiving?

    Yes. And always best to ask your specialist.

  • What is so different about the Olio Maestro™ method?

    There are no excipients, chemicals, parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, fillers or fragrances. The concentrations in Olio Maestro™ oils are up to 5x more potent than other creams on the market today.

    Many anti-cellulite and fat-burning creams on the market contain very little in the way of active ingredients, relying mainly on sensory ingredients, which can temporarily improve your skin’s "feel" and "tone.” These are primarily coatings including silicones but which have no impact on the overall re-conditioning of the body’s mechanisms for storing fat.

  • Are there any counter indications for these products?

    Use common sense and speak to your healthcare provider if you are taking medications.

    Do not use this product if pregnant or lactating.

    May cause irritation. Patch test this product before using. Dilute a small amount and apply to the skin on your inner arm. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs.

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