We do detox differently. We activate the lymph.

Why focus on the lymph? Because our lymphatic system is our most important means for detoxification. If beauty starts from within, this is where we want to begin.  

Our lymph not only cleanses the metabolic waste produced by our cells, it also removes the toxicity we accumulate in our daily lives. Unlike the circulatory system, our lymphatic system does not have a pump. We help move it by means of our lifestyle. 

Why you need this:

Those stubborn 10 extra pounds you can’t seem to shake? We have a solution for that.

Our Olio Maestro Lymphatic Activator Program is made of pure oils and organic botanicals to help stimulate “phagocytosis” – the ability for white blood cells to clean up toxins in the body. This makes the job of the lymphatic system easier and helps eliminate excess waste.

Real People Real Results

I have worked with Jasmine for over 10 years now. Her book changed my life. And as my nutritionist she has helped me completely transform my body and I learnt how to eat right for my body type. There’s nothing superficial about what she does. Recently after the birth of my first child I had a few extra pounds I wanted to shed. The oils did the trick once again and in no time I was back to my best self. Trust me don’t walk, run towards anything this lady is doing.
Alessandra Meskita
Fashion Designer

Real People Real Results

I have worked with Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken for many years as my nutritional and health expert, as she always takes the most clean approach. When I first started working with Jasmine I was tired and got sick a lot. She has educated me on nutrition, health and the importance of the lymph system, so now I understand how it all works together. Olio Maestro is the genius of Jasmine putting it all together to help me clean my lymph through the tea and the oils in a natural way. I feel more energized using the tea to cleanse my body, and the oils feel amazing to rub into my skin in order to stimulate the lymph. As my lymph system is flowing more freely, I have more energy and barely ever get sick, and my body is leaner and stronger. I am truly loving Olio Maestro.
Arriane Alexander

Real People Real Results

I have suffered from fluid retention for years and never truly understood why. Of course, I have trialed several treatments, massage therapy, dietary changes, and supplements but nothing seemed to work. In the end, I put it down to genetics and assumed I would just have to put up with it, that is until I was introdced to Olio Maestro. I can honestly say this oil and tea combination has changed my life. Who would have thought that a body oil could be so transformative? I have noticed a huge reduction in the water weight I once carried in my legs and a reduction in cellulite on my upper thighs too. Not only that, the twice-daily oil application has become a welcome daily ritual and I look forward to drinking the tea throughout the day too knowing that it is helping my lympahtic system to operate effectively and flush the toxins from my body. I can't live without it now.
Sacha Strebe
Editorial Director

Real People Real Results

I’ve never been overweight but I just carry a few extra pounds especially right before and during my cycle. Sometimes even adding 3-4 pounds to the scale. I purchased the oils and tea and have noticed a massive difference especially around my moon time. I feel lighter and happier as I know I am doing something good for my body not just to look good.

* Eliminate bloat

* Support your body’s natural detoxification process

* Target specific concerns (like cellulite!)

* Burn away stubborn fat

* Create glowing skin & overall lightness and wellbeing

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